Thursday, January 23, 2014

Old photos

(C) Times of India, Hyderabad edition dated 05-Oct-2013.

Trained ‘domestic’ tigers at the Falaknuma Palace
First Salar Jung, Muktar-ul-Mulk (centre), on his visit to London. During this visit to Europe, he had acquired art pieces like the Veiled Rebecca.

(above) Aban Pestonji Chenoy (below) One of the first Air Hostess in Hyderabad, Maureen O’ Hara
Rita Nordman and (right) Peggy Tocher of Secunderabad were the earliest airhostesses to work for the Deccan Airways.

HEH The Nizam’s post carrying vehicle


Osman Ali Khan, the VII Nizam was petrified of air travel. His first flight was when he visited Delhi to attend the Rajpramukh’s Conference. He travelled with a 39-member-entourage in two Dakotas which landed at the Willington airport. It’s said that fresh water from the royal spring Baam Ruknud Dowlah, near Mir Alam Tank, was flown down for his every day from Hyderabad to Delhi.

Hyderabad Polo Team with British Regimental team Secunderabad at Bolarum Grounds, 1877