Friday, January 24, 2014

A Hyderabad we didn’t see

(c) Times of India, Hyderabad edition on 05-Oct-2013.

A Hyderabad we didn’t see


    Tto capture Hyderabad’s soul in a dozen pages would be next to impossible, but it was our sincere effort to showcase to you, our readers, a Hyderabad, which many of us haven’t seen. And what better time than now, when we stand on the threshold of yet another chapter in our city’s history! In the process of putting together Nostalgia, our 13th Anniversary Special, we stumbled upon some forgotten stories, learnt of splendid landmarks lost in the sands of time, and rediscovered history that rarely finds a mention in our school textbooks. We hope you enjoyed this ride back in time.

On May 22, 1892 the latest American technology — treadle phonograph — arrived in Hyderabad. While the Europeans listen in to the sounds coming in via the long tube of the phonograph, with animated expressions, their Indian attendants look on indifferently

Water Party at Mir Alam Tank, a popular picnic and boating spot. Mahbub Ali Pasha is seen with European and Hyderabadi nobility