Monday, April 26, 2010

Hyderabad through 400 years

1512 Quli Qutub Shah established Qutub Shahi dynasty by seizing reins of
power from Bahamanis. Established fortress city of Golconda.
1562 Hussain Sagar lake was built.
1589 Hyderabad was founded by Muhammad Quli Qutub Shah.
1591 Charminar was built

1614 Work on Mecca Masjid started
1687 Building of Mecca Masjid completed Aurangzeb captured Golconda.

1724 Nizam-ul-Mulk Asif Jah I founded Asif Jahi Dynasty by declaring
Independence from Mughal Rulers.
1748 Death of Asif Jah( Nizam-Ul-Mulk - Nizam I) at the age of 78.
1766 Nizam made an alliance with the British.
1769 Nizam Ali Khan Asif Jah shifted the capital to Hyderabad.
1777 Purani haveli constructed by Mir Nizam Ali Khan , the second Nizam
1798 Subsidiary alliance for military and political co-operation signed
between the Nizam and the British East India Company. Nizam
relinquished control of the state's foreign affaires to British.

1803 Death of Nizam II - Nizam Ali Khan at the age of 72.
1804 Construction of Mir Alam Tank began and completed in 1806
1806 Secunderabad founded
1829 Death of Nizam III - Sikander Jah at the age of 62
1857 Death of Nizam IV - Nasir-Ud-Dowla
1858 A new coinage "Hali Sicca" introduced with inscription 'Sicca-e-
Nizamul-Mulk Asif Jah Bhadur'
1864 Hyderabad Medical School established
1866 Birth of Nizam VI - Mahboob Ali Khan
1867 Government Central Printing Press was established
1867 Mir Osman Ali Khan , the last Nizam died on 24 Feb 1967
1868 Basir Bagh Palace was constructed by Sir Asam Jah
1884 Foundation of Falaknuma Palace Official language was changed from
Persian to Urdu Director General of Police and Jail Department were
1887 Sir Ronald Ross discovered the Parasite of Malaria

1908 Disastrous floods in River Musi
1911 Death of Nizam VI- mahaboob Ali Khan at the age of 45.
1915 Construction of High Court began and completed in 1919
1931 Osmania University building Project started
1948 Hyderabad merged into the Indian Union
1956 Hyderabad became capital of Andhra Pradesh
1976 Birla Temple constructed
1986 Death of Nizam V - Afzal-Ud-Dowla at the age of forty three years

1998 Hi-tech City inaugurated